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Why Join Us?

We're Locally Owned

KOVA Healthcare is owned by local physicians in Fresno County. We do not have corporate ties with other IPAs or investment companies. At Kova, we believe we should always have the local Fresno medical and patient community in mind.

Fair Treatment For All Providers

We believe that physicians should primarily focus on patient care. You shouldn't have to worry about cumbersome referral and authorization processes or when your capitation payments come in.  Kova supports that vision. And, unlike other IPAs, we'll never claim to "own" your patient list.

Flexibility & Ownership For Doctors

We recognize the need to belong to other IPAs to better service your patients. We won't ask you for exclusive contracts.  
We're also the only IPA in the Central Valley which offers ownership participation.

Our Difference

130+ Primary Care Providers

437+ Specialists

140+ Ancillaries & DMEs

17 Urgent Care Centers

Dedicated liasons for providers & patients

In-House UM Nurse

24-48 hour referral turnaround

Our Patients Come First

Our patients are the center of Kova's focus. 

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