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Company Roster

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Amy Machado - Prettyman
Chief Executive Officer

Amy has over 28 years of healthcare management experience with extensive knowledge and understanding of physician relations, recruitment, practice management, managed health care and independent medical management consulting.

Amy has a strong operational comprehension of Independent Physician Association's (IPA) operations, Health Plan contracting, CAHPS, STARs, HEDIS, RAF, marketing, provider relations and development, member service, and provider contracting. 

Amy continues to further her knowledge and expertise in Medicare policies, procedures and regulatory requirements; updating KOVA's policies and procedures yearly to fulfill all governing requirements necessary through CMS/Medicare and along with all fiduciary responsibilities for required financial audits by our contracted health plans and DMHC.  
Amy brings strong leadership skills with problem solving of critical rolls and development to KOVA and her team.

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Jenna Linkes
Chief Operations Officer

Jenna has over 10 years of experience in the medical industry with extensive knowledge in practice management, managed health care and Independent Physician Association's (IPA).

Jenna's wide range of experience in provider relations, HEDIS, RAF, coding, medical billing, provider/facility contracting, and human resources, has earned her top acknowledgment throughout the medical community and the providers she works with. 

Jenna's attention to detail along with her vast understanding of our everyday changing managed care industry; leads our team with strong processes and leadership for continued success. 
She is passionate about building and strengthening KOVA's relationships with our team, providers, health plans and all those who come into contract with her. Her leadership and knowledge of the IPA’s practices are a great value to our team, providers and members. 


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Tori Schreiber
Credentialing Specialist

Tori is KOVA’s Credentialing Specialist with 5 years of experience in the medical manage care industry and has become one of KOVA’s raising stars.  Tori handles all KOVA’s contracting, credentialing and recredentialing for new provider groups, organizations, and facilities throughout the Central Valley, Madera, Kings and Kern counties.  Tori’s review of processes and attention to detail have allowed our providers to streamline into our network of managed care providers allowing for continuity of care to our members; all while maintaining the NQCA, Joint Commission and Medicare guidelines required.  Tori enjoys her workday is never the same as the day prior and loves the challenge of new opportunities


Laura Gallardo
Patient Liaison / Provider Relations


Laura has more than ten years of experience in the health care field ranging from administrative duties, medical billing, and customer service. Currently Laura serves as KOVA’s patient care liaison managing and resolving issues between the health plan, provider offices and patients

regarding medical care, authorizations, billing, and provider disputes. Laura works diligently to assure members are given the propriate, high quality and accurate services regarding their health care.


Brittany Summers
Quality Improvement Specialist

Brittany has been in the medical field since 2013. She has immense experience in internal medicine and clinical settings. She is responsible for a full range of provider services and service interactions within KOVA’s network. She builds close relationships with the patients, providers and provider’s staff to ensure the highest level of patient care is achieved. She will facilitate with the providers to ensure preventative measures and health needs are met regularly.

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Adriene Caballero
UM Coordinator - Quality Improvement Specialist 

Adriene serves as a healthcare professional with over 13 years of experience. Her experience ranges from employee management, provider relations, customer service, to direct patient care. She instantly fell in love with helping others when she started her career in healthcare as a home care provider many years ago. She knew from then on, this was her passion. Adriene works diligently to assure members are given the highest quality services regarding their health care. At KOVA, she assists in resolving issues between the health plan, providers office and patients.  She shows each member compassion and strives to get the highest quality care that they deserve.

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