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Joining Kova Healthcare

A Letter From Jenna Linkes,

Chief Operating Officer,




Thank you for taking a moment and exploring KOVA Healthcare, Inc. KOVA Healthcare, Inc. (KOVA) is an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) formed by local physicians with the same vision; to create medical care based on our patients' needs and desires for all ethnic, minority and social groups.

KOVA is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, doctor-focused, high-quality of care which is available to patients from birth to adulthood. KOVA understands modern medicine and our health care delivery system is always changing. We are committed to being flexible and diligent to our patients and offices we serve throughout the central valley.


Currently, KOVA is contracted with Brand New Day, Alignment Healthcare, and Central Health Plan as our Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPD). We are in the process of extending our contracted health plans for 2024 and look forward to announcing our affliction soon. 


By partnering with KOVA, you will have the opportunity to not only add value-based care to your physicians and their patients but the opportunity for revenue growth through our experienced team of professionals. KOVA has an extensive background in Human Resources, revenue capitative market strategies, OSHA/Cal-OSHA development and trainings, HIPAA and PHI trainings along with CMS guidelines for patient care.


KOVA is changing the common perception of the traditional IPA and revolving our practice around revenue capture opportunities with HEDIS, RAF, CAPHS, STAR measures and customized Annual Health Assessment support our providers and their members. We understand that physicians in today's medicine are looking for creative yet effective ways to manage, market, and create revenue. KOVA strives to be the leader in change for patient care and physician revenue opportunities.


With your partnership in KOVA we will strive to bring these market strategies along with doctor-focused and patient-centered care to your groups. Traditional IPA's tend to focus on capturing patient lives rather than offering benefits to their physicians for trusting their IPA with their patients' care. By putting the patient first, you the physician have the opportunity for:


  • Customized contracts best fitting your practice needs

  • Customized carve out options with reasonable reimbursement rates

  • Customized authorization process which best fits the office and your patients' needs

  • Ease of mind Prior Authorizations - with one point of contact

  • Monthly EOB billing reports

  • Competitive Fee for Service rates


These are just a few incentives KOVA can offer to your group. We look forward to working with you.



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Jenna Linkes                                                          Chief Operations Officer                                   Office: 559-207-3198                                            Fax: 559-207-3901                                                Cell: 559-313-1663               


Tori Schreiber                                                        Contracting/ Credentialing Specialist

Office: 559-365-7388                                            Fax: 559-207-3901                                                Cell: 559-288-8736               


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